Balayage Placement Tecnique

Open air hair painting is a soft lift technique to create sun-kissed hair color with subtle highlights that are skinny at the root and wider toward mid-length and ends, creating a graduation of color (fade from dark to light) from roots to ends. The placement is also round, sweeping from high to low from front to back to create brighter panels around the face, while leaving a halo of depth at the crown.

A common struggle with Balayage is knowing where to place the open air paint and where to leave depth to create natural looking dimension. Ashlee’s signature #StarKnotBalayage design creates the perfect placement of interlocking highs and lows within organic circular sections.

In this video you will learn the signature design as well as observe techniques for painting on clay lightener and free handing in lowlights during one application session. The color melting techniques of shadow tone and base break are also demonstrated in one application after the balayage highlights and freehand lowlights are processed and shampooed off. Wella formulations for a Rose Gold/ Stawberry Blonde are included.

What's included?

2 Videos
5 PDFs
2 Presentations
Ashlee Norman
Ashlee Norman
Independent Educator

About the instructor

Most people do a Job, I do a Dream. The Passion and Excitement I bring to my Craft comes from a place of Love. It is with that Love that I am driven to share my Knowledge and Experience with the purpose of Elevating my Industry.

I originally fell in love with the craft back stage in high school theater and immediately enrolled in Beauty School at 17 years old. I keep my passion alive by continuing my education through attending advanced academies including Vidal Sassoon, Toni and Guy, Bumble and bumble, and Wella Studios.  I also attend Independent Education including Tracey Cunningham, Romeu Felipe, Nine Zero One, and Joseph Dimaggo. While investing in myself, I was building in salon education programs in the form of monthly whole salon teach-backs and bi-weekly assistant training for 8 years. At the beginning of the Independent Educator/ Social Media influencer area I was posting techniques and formulas that organically grew my following and led to requests for me to travel to teach. After 3 years of teaching all over North American, up to Canada, and across the pond to London, the requests for online education became too abundant to ignore.

Today I continue to pursue progression in my Craft and spread the Love through this Online Education Platform, traveling as an Independent Educator, and working with clients Behind the Chair.

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