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Photography for Social Media

Are you FRUSTRATED with creating Beautiful work Behind the Chair and Not being unable to translate it onto Instagram?! Let's face it, we got into this industry to do HAIR not take Photos. But now more than ever our ability to capture Images of our work is just as important as your ability to create it in the first place. 

Are you INTIMIDATED by cameras that are not attached to your phone? Want to learn how to EDIT photos professionally but just don't even know which software to start with? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course is for you. I broke down everything  involved in my process to create my Instagram images to a level anyone can understand. This course will prepare you create "Campaign Photoshoots" for your own Brand! 

Be prepared to take your Content to the next Level!!!


1. Body Positioning 

2. Model Selection

3. Lighting 

4. Camera Type

5. Makeup with @MUYvette

6. Composition

7. Backdrop

8. Camera Settings

9. Blow-dry Technique

10. Model Coaching

11. Curl Technique

12. Lightroom Editing 

I boiled down 5 years of experience into 3 hours of intense training. Even attached two PowerPoints that review the camera and editing software workflow and a link sheet for all tools used. 

The Question Forum emails me directly, so you get personal access to me (and my husband who is my technical support) if you get stuck at any point. 


Course Curriculum

Part 1 - Body Position
Part 2 - Model Selection
Part 3 - Lighting
Part 4 - Camera Type
Part 5 - Makeup
Part 6 - Composition
Part 7 - Backdrop
Part 8 - Camera Settings
Part 9 - Blow-dry
Part 10 - Model Coaching
Part 11 - Curl Pattern
Part 12 - Ringlight Tips
Lightroom Part 1 - Downloading Lightroom and Importing Images
Lightroom Part 2 - One Staring Images
Lightroom Part 3 - Two Staring Images
Lightroom Part 4 - Editing Photo Groups
Lightroom Part 5 - Individual Image Edits
Lightroom Part 6 - Exporting Images
Ashlee Norman
Ashlee Norman
Independent Educator

About the instructor

Most people do a Job, I do a Dream. The Passion and Excitement I bring to my Craft comes from a place of Love. It is with that Love that I am driven to share my Knowledge and Experience with the purpose of Elevating my Industry.

I originally fell in love with the craft back stage in high school theater and immediately enrolled in Beauty School at 17 years old. I keep my passion alive by continuing my education through attending advanced academies including Vidal Sassoon, Toni and Guy, Bumble and bumble, and Wella Studios.  I also attend Independent Education including Tracey Cunningham, Romeu Felipe, Nine Zero One, and Joseph Dimaggo. While investing in myself, I was building in salon education programs in the form of monthly whole salon teach-backs and bi-weekly assistant training for 8 years. At the beginning of the Independent Educator/ Social Media influencer area I was posting techniques and formulas that organically grew my following and led to requests for me to travel to teach. After 3 years of teaching all over North American, up to Canada, and across the pond to London, the requests for online education became too abundant to ignore.

Today I continue to pursue progression in my Craft and spread the Love through this Online Education Platform, traveling as an Independent Educator, and working with clients Behind the Chair.