6 Class Bundle

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2018 Education Bundle! Now you can have all 6 of my Original Online Courses released in 2018 for the price of 6. This includes all the fundamental Theory and 3 of my top selling signature techniques: 

1.      Theory Series- 

      a.      Expectations: setting Expectations through Consultation 

      b.      Lift: achieving the desired level of lift through formulation and technique

c.      Color Melting: creating graduation of color (fade from dark to light) from roots to ends

d.      Placement – determining where to place the highlight and leave the depth

e.      Time/Price – how to book and quote a client based on the desired result using a printable pricing calculation sheet

f.       Adding Back Depth – creating dimension with corrective formulation, placement, & technique

2.      Foilayage & Color Melting- applying the theory series on a live model to demonstrate a simple foilayage placement and how to blend the foil lines using shadow toning & base breaking

3.      Foilayage & Tint Between- showing a modern highlight and ombre’ placement that includes a base tint between foils 

4.      #StarKnotBalayage- Creative placement of Open Air Highlights and Lowlights

5.      #TripleThreatBalayage- The Art of Blending Foil work with Open Air for dimensional lift 

6.       #DiamondPaintBalayage- Foilayage in a Diamond Pattern for maximum lift in one session while leaving an organic halo of depth  


6 Class Bundle includes these courses

Theory Series (Unlimited View)
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Foilayage and Color Melting (Unlimited View)
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Starknot (Unlimited View)
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Triple Threat Balayage (Unlimited View)
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Foilayage with Tint Between (Unlimited View)
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Diamond Paint (Unlimited View)
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